Why It Makes Sense To Use A Shower Filter

Many people actively filter their drinking water, but are not too concerned about the water that they shower in. However, pollutants are often still present in this water, and can enter our bodies through our skin pores while we enjoy a nice hot shower or bath.

Some water contaminants can even pose more of a risk to our health when we are exposed to them in the shower. For example, chlorine, a toxic chemical that is routinely added to drinking water during the treatment process, evaporates much more rapidly than water, and consequently is much more concentrated in steam than in the water you drink. While you are enjoying a nice hot shower, you inhale the toxic steam and the pollutants enter your lungs where they are passed into the blood and circulated throughout your body.

Chlorine can be particularly bad for our health – it irritates the eyes, nose and throat, and is known to cause respiratory problems, including bronchitis and asthma. Chlorine also damages our hair and skin, and can cause skin problems in sensitive people. Furthermore, the hot water and steamy vapor of a shower cause our skin's pores to open, which allows pollutants to enter the body freely as there is no digestive mechanisms to rid the body of these toxins when they enter via this route. In addition to all this, when chlorine evaporates it forms chloroform gas, an odorless gas that causes drowsiness and fatigue. To prevent damage to your hair, skin, respiratory tract, and other vital body organs it would be prudent to filter chlorine from your drinking water and the water that your bathe or shower in.

Berkey Shower Filter Berkey Shower Filter

Benefits that a Shower Head Filter Offers

1. Fitting a shower head filter is a simple yet extremely effective way of reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals that are present in water.
2. Shower head filters remove harmful contaminants before they vaporize into the air. Consequently, the air quality in your bathroom and the rest of your home is greatly improved.
3. Shower head filters reduce the likelihood that you or your family will suffer respiratory conditions, such as asthma.
4. Because shower head filters eliminates the inhalation of chloroform gas, incidence of fatigue is lowered and energy levels are boosted, improving overall vitality.
5. Shower head filters reduce, if not eliminate, your exposure to toxic carcinogens in shower vapor.
6. Shower head filters benefit the skin and hair by removing harsh chemicals that strip your hair and skin of oils, which leaves hair dry and brittle, and causes premature aging and skin irritations. The result is healthy hair and a radiant complexion

Big Berkey Water Filters supplies a KDF Berkey shower head filter that will remove chlorine, heavy metals, microorganisms, bacteria and other contaminants from your shower water to leave you feeling squeaky clean and healthy – it is also available in a massage-head version for those that want the additional massage benefits thrown in.

7 Responses to Why It Makes Sense To Use A Shower Filter

  • Lisa

    Do these filters happen to filter out fluoride as well? Yet another harmful chemical.

  • Dan DeBaun

    Hi Lisa -

    No, the shower filters do not remove fluoride as it is very difficult to remove at high pressures. Only the berkey drinking water filters will remove the fluoride.


  • Steven G
    Steven G on February 26, 2013 at 10:01 pm said:

    How many gallons of water do the shower filtration systems allow before the filter is recommended that it needs to he replaced I am just curious .... I bought the Crown Berky system and Love it



  • Dan DeBaun

    Hi Steve -

    That would be 25000 gallons, or 1 year, whichever comes first.


  • Dan DeBaun

    Hi Steven -

    Approx 25000 gallons of water. Let us know if you need anything else.


  • Hannah
    Hannah on January 23, 2014 at 9:08 am said:

    Hi there... we are about to purchase the Royal Berkey for our drilled well water, which is very hard (also high iron in particular - stinky!); will there be much benefit for us to use the Berkey shower filter, even though our water won't be chlorinated? Will it help with other odours from iron and manganese bacteria?

  • admin

    Hi Hannah -

    There will probably not be a big enough impact on the iron and Maganese to make a difference.