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Outdoor Berkey Water Filter Systems Can Now Be Shipped to California

We have just been notified that as of 12/4/2012, we are now permitted to sell outdoor Berkey Water Filter Systems to CA (Berkey Light and Travel Berkey). Please see the note from the manufacturer New Millennium Concepts below and list of available products.  If you intend to, or have placed an order for one of the "indoor" systems (Big Berkey, Royal Berkey, Imperial Berkey, or Crown Berkey), we would need an alternate address of a friend of family member outside of CA, who could then forward it onto you in CA.  This method of receiving the indoor systems is permissible.

"As you know we withdrew sales from the California marketplace when their lead free regulations went into affect. At that time it was our, as well as many other firms, opinion that the Lead Free regulations were too ambiguous, the requirements were too cost prohibitive and that the compliance requirements made it virtually impossible for small and medium sized companies, domiciled outside the state of California, to be in compliance.

Since that time however, the state of California has defined with greater specificity the requirements pertaining to this regulation. In reviewing the updated information and after consulting with our counsel, we have come to the conclusion that Berkey free standing water filtration and purification systems do not fall within the scope of those regulations.

The other stainless systems cannot be shipped to California because they are listed as indoor filtration systems and California has other regulations that still affect some of the products. These regulations prohibit the making of any health claims, such as the removal of pathogenic bacteria, on residential filtration systems. These regulations do not apply to "outdoor" water filtration systems and is why these are now available. Until we have conducted a full review of those regulations, only sales of the following systems and products are now permitted to be made available to customers in state of California:

Sport Berkey
Go Berkey
Travel Berkey
Berkey Light (With or without LED lights)
Black Berkey Filter Elements
SuperSterasyl Elements
PF-2 and PF-4 Filters
All Replacement Parts

Should you have any questions in this regard, please contact us at 877-992-3753 or"

22 thoughts on “Outdoor Berkey Water Filter Systems Can Now Be Shipped to California”

  • doreen minotti

    can the smallest burkey now be shipped to CA and what was the lead problem with the burkeys that CA would not accept them? Is there lead in the water once it is filtered?

  • Kathy Barlean

    I take it that you still can't ship to Iowa. Could you tell me why? I read somewhere that it was due to high licensing fees.


  • Storm

    Living in CA I can tell you; They are outright ridiculous with laws, taxes, and social policy. The more I hear about these situations makes me sure that CA is not going to survive much longer in its current condition.

    Just my comments...


  • jj

    WHY on EARTH are you worried about LEAD regulations in california? Your water systems SHOULD NOT have ANY lead in them at all for any reason, what the heck is going on that you could not meet ANY regulation about lead, are you saying there is LEAD in these filters, why?


    • Dan DeBaun

      Hi JJ -

      No, there is not lead in these filters/systems whatsoever, and they are shown to actually remove lead from the water. The issue is not about being able to meet the regulations, but rather the burden of costs put on the company to prove this in CA. This article speaks to the original law and should help provide some clarity:


  • den

    I'm a little confused by the "legalese" used in the regulations and in your response to the California laws. You mention something about the "... other stainless systems..." Is there some allegation that the stainless containers might emit some toxins? Please clarify. Thank you.

  • Josh

    I live in Ca. so i'm looking to purchase the Berkey light...I'm worried about UV sunlight coming thru the plastic....very sunny in my house. People put brown bags over there 5 gallon containers to prevent a green alge buildup.....really want stainless..what do u think?

    • Dan DeBaun

      Hi Josh -

      Yes, algae can grow in the berkey light if they are exposed to constant sunlight, and not cleaned often. When this does happen, it's typically the upper chamber, not the lower purified chamber. In your case though, we would lean towards the stainless system.


  • Jane

    So could a Berkey Water Filter System be shipped to a friend in a nearby state, say Nevada, then driven to CA? Or is that a big no-no also?

  • Ben Miles

    Is it possible for those of us in Commiefornia (CA) to buy from you each piece of the Berkley system we want and we assemble it here at home in Commiefornia (CA)? Can you sell them like that?

  • Paul

    I hate California!!!!!!
    Seeing that the Berkey systems approved for sale in California have the SAME EXACT FILTER ELEMENTS as the non approved. Why dont you label ALL Berkey systems as outdoor systems and be done with all the California BS?
    Did I mention I Hate California?!?!?!?!

  • eunicev

    Do you have a store front that we could just drive to in Nevada like Reno where we could drive to from Northern Cal?

  • Communist Downsizing Specialist
    Communist Downsizing Specialist March 15, 2014 at 6:33 am

    This is yet ANOTHER reason we are working on creating the State of Jefferson!!!!

  • Jasper Wild

    Yo! Common Demented Fool, Stop drinking your polluted Kool-aid and get on a diet of reality and good pure water. There are still real communists that hate America, but Berkey water filters is not part of you'r imagined conspiracy.

  • tonifromcali

    Well untill califorina figures this, that getting rid of incomedants in politics that have no technical background in science or or any other like backround.we will keep paying the price of our ignorant laws and politics. So vote out the ignorant california.

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