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Berkey Shower Head Filter

The new Easy to Install 2013 Berkey Shower Filter is now rated for 25,000 gallons or one year whichever comes first.

  • Reduces Free Chlorine By 99%
  • Eliminates Dirts and Odors
  • Reduces Damage to Hair and Skin 

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Berkey Shower Filter


The Berkey shower filter is easy to install and is great for those who want the benefits of showering in filtered water. Simply screw this in between the shower pipe coming from your wall and your exising shower head, and you're good to go! We also sell this shower filter with a massage head.

In the shower environment, chlorine can either be in liquid or gas state. At higher water temperatures in the enclosed shower stall, free-chlorine moves from the liquid to the gas state, where it vaporizes and subsequently is inhaled. The United States regulates all showerhead flow at 2.5 gallons per minute. Thus, the science behind shower filtration must take into account the unique situation in the shower, including temperature, flow rate and volume.

Documented scientific studies conclude that taking long hot showers is a potential health risk. In the enclosed shower stall, chlorine vaporizes where it is inhaled. To a lesser degree, dermal absorption also occurs. Medical studies suggest a link between absorption and inhalation of chlorine in the shower environment with elevated risks for diseases and serious illness. Showering in chlorinated water may also cause pre-existing conditions such as asthma and eczema, to become exacerbated.

More About The Berkey Shower Filter

Using a patented blend of high purity calcium, copper, and zinc, our Shower Filter works on a similar principle to a Catalytic Converter in an automobile. In shower filtration free-chlorine is converted into a harmless chloride. The scientific name for this chemical reaction is known as "Reduction-Oxidation", commonly referred to as Redox. Redox reactions can be chemically complex. Simply stated, during a Redox reaction electrons are transferred between molecules, creating new elements. For instance, when free-chlorine comes in contact with the filtration media, it is changed into a benign, water-soluble chloride. This reaction changes free-chlorine to a larger chloride element, too large to evaporate or be absorbed by the skin. It is then carried harmlessly through the water supply.

In addition to the benefits of filtering water, there are cosmetic benefits. Symptoms of chlorine exposure are dry and/or flaking skin, dry brittle hair and red irritated eyes. Filtering your shower water reduces these symptoms!

The media used in the berkey shower filter are high-purity copper-zinc formulations used in treatment applications to reduce heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, microorganisms, and scale. Water filtered through redox media controls microorganism growth. High-purity copper-zinc redox media consistently remove 99% of free chlorine by electrochemically reducing dissolved chlorine gas to water-soluble chloride ions.

  • Effective for both hot and cold water.
  • Reduces chlorine
  • Reduces chemical absorption and vapor inhalation
  • Reduces damage to hair and skin
  • Eliminates Dirts and odors
  • Back Flush Attachment to prevent premature clogging
  • Also available with massage shower head already installed

Berkey Warranty

The manufacturer warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 6 months from date of purchase. The manufacturer will replace or repair any product that it deems is not properly functioning during the stated warranty period.

BigBerkeyWaterFilters is always at your service to assist you with any warranty claims, send you replacement hardware free of charge if needed, or provide system maintenance support during the life of ownership.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Weight 2.0000

Berkey Reviews

So much betterReview by Soey
You forget what it's like to not shower in chlorinated water after a while. It's like you just get used to that horrible smell. After installing this, I felt like I was back in shower heaven. Just the ability to let the water run through my hair and into my mouth without gagging was a joy! I'm finally enjoying long showers again and so it my hair! (Posted on 4/18/14)
....Review by Tom
Been using mine for 2 years now and have not needed to replace yet! (Posted on 4/16/13)
awesomeReview by Diana Warner
I've used them for years and I know when I need one because I become sleepy, or somehow in a fog when I get out of the shower. WITH the filter I don't have to use lotion, skin not dried out, and I feel invigorated and energized after the shower or bath. I use the shower head to fill the tub for our 10 year old as well. (Posted on 3/7/13)
Simple and effectiveReview by Donna Bandis
I bought 2 for my house and what a difference. Like the other reviewer, that chlorine smell almost turns my stomach sometimes. It has no effect on my husband, so I must be more sensitive. This shower filter eliminates that smell and I notice and my skin is not drying out anymore either. (Posted on 2/27/13)
Soft Skin!Review by Mariella Mendez
I live in NYC and my water smells like is has alot of chlorine. I bought this filter hoping this would help and it made a world of difference. My skin isn't drying out so quickly anymore and my hair is actually softer and fuller. (Posted on 5/4/10)

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Product Questions

Product Questions

We are moving into an rv soon. How would the shower head filter hook into the shower head with a tube attached-that hangs it up in the stall?
Will this filter remove Monochloramine as well as Chlorine?
Does the shower head remove arsenic or is there a filter we can add for this? Thanks!
Hello, black berkey filters remove monochloramines greater than 99.9% but how about the shower head filter?
How big is the Berkey shower filter? How many inches long is it?
Thank you
Does your shower filter get rid of fluoride? If not, do you plan on making one that will in the future?