Berkey Light

When you prefer nothing less than fresh, clean, purified water that is a better option for your health, then Big Berkey water Filters has the solution in the top, trusted selection of water filtration systems on the market. Municipal water contains fluoride, trace chemicals, and bacteria, which affect the taste of the water, while also being harmful to health over the long term. Untreated water is also apt to build up scale in irons and kettles as well as in water heaters and pipes, which alone should tell you that there are many chemicals on it. When you install a water filtration system from Berkey water, you get purified water that tastes great, which is a far healthier option. There is even a Berkey light water filter system that can be taken with you on vacations and camping trips. The Berkey light is so efficient it can treat water from dams, lakes, and streams by filtering it into safe, drinkable water.

Perhaps you own an RV or are a camping enthusiast, and if so, the Berkey light filter system from Big Berkey Water Filters is a superb investment. You will also do well to keep it handy for times when you need it, particularly if you live in a tornado area where, often, water supplies are interrupted. The Berkey light comes with two state-of-the-art black Berkey purification filter elements, which are so efficient they filter out the microscopic spores and bacteria from untreated water, making it completely safe to drink. Berkey water filtration systems are a trusted name in thousands of households already, and the return on your investment in purified water is amazing. One filter can provide you with up to 3,000 gallons of pure water, which is the average water consumed by a family in a year.

Keeping a Berkey light water filter is a great idea for outings, where there is not drinkable water readily available, or as mentioned above, for times when there are interruptions of water supplies for any reason. You can have a look at the Berkey light picture on this website, and you will see that it is designed with a tough, shatterproof container, manufactured from safe, non-PBA copolyester which will not leach the unpleasant taste of plastic into water like other plastics normally do. You an also read some details of the incredibly power filters that come with the Berkey light, which will remove all bacteria and minute spores, pesticides residues, and other chemicals normally found in water.

Like all the models of state-of-the-art Big Berkey Filters we offer, they are excellent value for money and very affordable as well. You can use the convenience of Internet technology to order a Berkey light, or any of the preferred models and after secure online payment, have it shipped to your desired location. If you are already the owner of a Berkey light, then you will also find replacement filters and other accessories we have available that will always ensure you have fresh, safe, purified, great tasting water on tap.