Berkey Water Filters

Water is needed for survival and with the extensive range of Berkey water filters which are offered in a variety of sizes, individuals are now able to gain the assurance that the water that they drink is clean and it is free from all harmful and dangerous contaminants and pollutants. The Berkey water filters are able to both filter and purify water which has been obtained from untreated and raw water sources such as lakes, rivers, and stagnant ponds. The Berkey water filters will purify all water and the filter purification elements which are found in the filers are so minute that pathogenic bacteria will not be able to make it pass the Berkey water filters. Included in the range of systems are seven types of water purification and filtering systems, and each system is suitable for either outdoor or indoor usage. The travel Berkey water filters provide a storage capacity of 1.5 gallons, and this particular Berkey water filter has been recognized as one of the best filtration systems which will effectively clean and make drinking water bacteria free in any type of environment in some of the world's most remote regions. Being in the filtration industry, Big Berkey understands that attempting to decide on the right type of water filtration system that is best able to serve a consumer's filtration needs is not a simple task and as such, Big Berkey Water Filters offers a full range of filter solutions and is always happy to help customers choose the right water purification system. Other than being able to purchase the Berkey water filters, our website offers online buyers with the chance to buy Big Berkey replacement parts as well as Big Berkey filter accessories and filter replacements.

The Royal Big Berkey is another in the range of Berkey water filters and this system can store up 3.25 gallons of water and the powerful filtration system can purify treated and untreated water. Buyers of the Royal Berkey water filters usually utilize these systems for a visit or a work contract set in foreign countries where they are uncertain about the safety of the drinking water, or the Berkey water filters can be used in areas where access to clean drinking water is restricted. Each of the Berkey water filters will effectively remove pathogenic bacteria cysts and all parasites from the water and furthermore, the filters will reduce mercury and lead from the water. The strength of the Berkey water filters has proven to be so powerful that the filters can even remove food coloring from the water while at the same time, the filters will keep all the nutritional minerals which are found naturally in the water intact.

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