Berkey Water Purifier

Big Berkey Water Filters realizes that for most buyers, choosing the right water purification or filtration system is not an easy decision and to this end, Big Berkey Water Filers has evaluated and assessed various different filtering systems and purification systems which are currently offered on the market. During the assessment of the systems, they found the Berkey water purifier that has been manufactured in the US has received top ratings and has been rated at one of the best water best purifiers on the market, and it has received good results in all filtering and purification tests. The Berkey water purifier is able to purify water which is treated and untreated and considering the fact that the Berkey water purifier is portable, is has been successfully utilized as a lifesaving device at times of flooding or to store and supplying drinking water in various life threatening situations, such as earthquakes, where drinkable water is not available. For those planning to work or visit foreign countries, and who are uncertain as the quality of the drinking water, again, the Berkey water purifier will offer individuals the assurance that their drinking water will be safe and from pollutants, contaminants and pathogens.

However, the Berkey water purifier is not only a practical solution for those who are planning to leave the borders of the US to gain access to safe drinking water, but the Berkey water purifier is a practical alternative for many within the United States. Research has shown that more than 60% of all the tap and drinking water in the US is fluorinated and as such, the Berkey water purifier will be able to remove the fluoride and allow the drinking water to be rid of the fluoride additives and restored to its natural and pure state. The Berkey water purifier and filters are able to offer individuals around the world the guarantee that their supply of drinking water is safe and will not contain harmful contaminants and bacteria.

The website contains many reviews by those who have purchased the Berkey water purifier and enjoyed the benefits of clean and safe drinking water, no mater where they are. Although the Berkey water purifier is more than able to remove all dangerous and life-threatening contaminants from the water, including bacteria and pathogens which are commonly found in polluted water, the Berkey water purifier will also be able to retain all the vital nutrients and the minerals in the water. In order to view the full range of Berkey water purifiers, feel free to visit the Big Berkey Water Filters website,, and find out more about the Big Berkey purifications and filtering systems, like the Royal Berkey and the Travel Berkey. These systems have been intentionally designed to meet the specific needs of buyer, in terms of offering optimal water treatment and purification. When placing an order for the Berkey water purifier, buyers will receive free ground UPS shipping within the forty-eight lower states and for online shoppers who are keen to gain further information about the warranty on the Berkey water purifiers, our website contains all relevant information.