Berkey Water

People seek out Berkey water filters because they know that Big Berkey Water Filters can be trusted when they want crystal, clean, uncontaminated water to drink that is far healthier than municipal water. There are a number of different filtration systems for water on the market and finding the best option for you and your family can be a difficult task. Each brand name will promise you that it is the best, but few deliver on this promise to completely filter water to remove all the bacteria parasites and chemicals in it. Berkey water is different with state-of-the-art filtration systems that are the most efficient on the market, providing up to a year of purified water on tap using one efficient filter. Now, you can use the convenience of Internet technology to read about Berkey water and why it is the top choice for millions of Americans.

It is widely known that municipal water has many different chemicals in it with fluoride being the most prominent. There are advantages and disadvantages of fluoride to humans with the disadvantages outweighing the benefits. Berkey water is completely pure after it has been run through our state-of-the-art Big Berkey Water Filters, which are so efficient that even untreated water run through them is completely safe and drinkable. Your investment in clean drinking Berkey water costs you less that 12 cents per gallon as advertised on our website and one filter will give you an average of 3,000 gallons of purified water. Add some food coloring to one of our Berkey water systems and you will see that it will even remove this, showing the power of the best filters on the market.

Millions of people all over the United States, and the world for that matter, are seeking fresh, purified water after realizing the benefits it provides from taste to health. Unpurified water contains many chemicals and harmful bacteria trace elements in it, which is removed by our specialized filters. Berkey water is already trusted in thousand of households and Big Berkey Water Filters can even be taken with on camping expeditions and used to purify lake water or pond water equally effectively. Micro pores in our filters are so minute that bacteria and spores in the water cannot pass through them and the filters are also self-sterilizing as well, making them extremely effective in water purification.

Take some time to read more about Berkey water on our website and read even more interesting articles about water on our blog. You can make your own mind up on the efficiency of Berkey water filtration which is far superior to most other competitors out there and gallon for gallon, Berkey water is also cost-effective as well. When you use fresh, clean, purified water for drinking cooking and making of beverages you will taste a remarkable difference. Use our guidelines on the link provided that will help you choose the right Berkey water filter or call our dedicated customer care line for further assistance.