Berkley Filter

Big Berkey Water Filters offers you superior quality products that are great for disaster preparation, with the well-known Berkely filter systems for water purifications for homes and business. Health-conscious people who spend thousands of dollars each year buying bottled water will be delighted at the savings a Berkey filter can provide, and you can look forward to thousands of gallons of fresh, clean water on tap per filter element. The micro filtration elements used in Berkey filter systems are far superior to many similar products on the market, and you will see that we have provided some interesting comparisons to practically show you why this is true. Your Berkey filter will remove harmful chlorine, fluoride, and other additives in chemicals that are used in municipal water purification plants.

For people who will only drink and use pure water, the money savings advantages of this Berkey filter system are very desirable. We have a Berkey filter to use in your RVs and on camping trips, or models that can be easily installed in your kitchens and bathrooms, so that you have pure water on tap whenever you need it. If you have never tasted the difference between pure water and tap water, try it out by making coffee and tea, and you will really taste the difference. Normal tap water also contains lime and calcium, and this is the build up you will find on your kettle elements and in iron, for examples. The health benefits of drinking pure filtered water have been proven, so your investment in a Berkey filter is well worth it for you and your family's good health.

Big Berkey Water Filters specializes in providing a number of different Berkey filter systems of different capacities, in different models for use in your home or for traveling. Use Berkey filter water in your ice trays, and you will see the difference because your ice cubes will be clear in comparison to normal tap water ice cubes which will be cloudy. Use an attractive Berkey filter in boardrooms to provide executives with pure water from an attractive system, or provide your guests at your restaurants and hospitality institutions cost-effective Berkey filter water, rather than expensive spring water bottles.

You can order your Berkey water filter in the comfort of your own home or office, and enjoy free shipping for your filter or replacement parts when the value exceeds $50. Read some reviews of our Berkey filter, and you will agree that when it comes to your choice of having pure water on tap we are unbeatable. You may be interested in the further selection of top quality products we have available for disaster preparation and disease control. With a Berkey filter you will never have to worry about not having clean, drinkable water on tap because it can purify any water from any source. Subscribe to our newsletter and get great promotions, interesting information, and special offers while shopping online at Big Berkey Water Filters.