Berkley Filters

Once you have tasted the difference between filtered water and tap water you will definitely never go back to drinking tap water. The health benefits that come from drinking pure filtered water are also proven, and investing in a quality water filter system will pay for itself in more ways than one. There are a number of different name brand water filter systems on the market, but none can compare to the efficiency of Berkey filters when it concerns providing crisp, clear, pure water to drink, to make coffee, or for cooking. We are pleased to now have added the convenience of Internet technology for easy ordering and shipping of our quality Berkey filters, plus you will be able to read why our filters have become the most popular choice for people who are concerned about the quality of consumable water.

Berkey filters offer you a great choice of different size filters for water purification that can store from two to six gallons in capacities, and there are different options suitable for indoors and outdoors. You will find that Berkey filters are also aesthetic in their design, making them a great feature for your kitchens or wherever you prefer to install them. Never worry about having enough pure chemical-free water to drink when you use Berkey filters and when you need new replacement inserts, you can simply order directly from this website. Normal tap water contains a number of chemicals like fluoride and additives, and you will already know that hard tap water causes calcium buildup in kettles, plumbing, and appliances. Our Berkey filters have saved the day during many natural disasters when there was no water fit for human consumption and now thousands of homes and businesses use them.

As a homeowner you will save thousands of dollars buying bottled spring water when you have Berkey filters handy and their normal capacity for producing purified water is up to 3,000 gallons before you need to replace the element and clean the filter. If you are having and difficulties using the Berkey filters then read the frequently asked questions page which should solve them. You may also be interested in some of the other excellent products for disease protection we have at Big Berkey Water Filters that can be ordered online, which are great for disaster preparation for people living in earthquake and tornado zones. Your most important item is Berkey filters when municipal systems become damaged to provide you with fresh, clean, pure drinking water.

Berkey filters pure water will enhance the taste of tea and coffee and foods prepared with this water and you will definitely taste the difference. We are confident of the quality of our Berkey filters and you, in turn, will be delighted at the amazing value for money of all the different models we have in stock. Chlorine and fluoride in our drinking water has been linked to many illnesses and water filtration is a way of protecting yourself and your family from this.