Berkley Water Purifier

The Berkey water purifier is able to purify both water which is treated and untreated. Due to the Berkey water purifier being lightweight and portable, it has been a lifesaving device during floods and various other life-threatening situations. For those who are planning to work in foreign countries where the quality of the water is known to be poor, the Berkey water purifier will give individuals the guarantee that their drinking water is safe and free from pollutants as well as contaminants. However, in addition to providing those who are about to leave the US borders, the Berkey water purifier is a good alternative for those in the US as well given the fact that more than 60 percent of all US tap and drinking water is fluoridated. The Berkey water purifier is able to remove this additive and allow home drinking water to be a natural and pure. The best part is that even though the Berkey water purifier is able to remove all the unhealthy containments and bacteria found in unsafe and treated tap water, the purification system of the Berkey water purifier will also ensure that all the nutrients and good minerals will remain intact and are not removed.

Big Berkey Water Filters understands that for many buyers, choosing the right water purification and filtration system is far from an easy task. That is why we have taken the time to evaluate and assess the various different filtering systems on the market. The Berkey water purifier is manufactured in the US and is rated as one of the best purifiers on the market. It has received high ratings in all NSA/EPA certified filtering tests. In order to view the full range of Berkey water purifiers, feel free to visit the Big Berkey Water Filters website, which includes the Big Berkey, the Royal Berkey and the Travel Berkey. Each of the systems has been designed to meet the buyer's specific needs. The Crown Berkey is able to hold up to 6.0 gallons of water and this Berkey water purifier is used commonly at gatherings, in churches, hospitals, and is also used as a contingency plans for emergencies, such as floods and earthquakes, where the water supplies have been polluted.

Like the other types of Berkey water purifiers, the Crown Berkey water filter system can purify treated and untreated water, and the system will remove pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites from the water supply, while reducing nitrites and any other unhealthy minerals. When the Berkey water purifier is ordered, buyers will receive free ground UPS shipping to the lower forty-eight states. In order to learn more about the lifetime warranty on the Berkey water purifier, please feel free to view the website and allow Big Berkey Water Filters to provide you with the assurance that with the Berkey water purifier, all drinking water will be safe and free from any harmful contaminations and bacteria. The website also features 1000's of reviews from customers who have purchased Berkey water purifiers and enjoy the benefits of clean and safe drinking water, no matter where they are.