Berkley Water

When you have tasted the difference between Berkey water filtered by our state-of-the-art system and normal tap water, you will immediately agree that there is a vast difference. Many people all over the world now buy bottled spring water as an alternative to drinking tap water, which is known to contain many chemicals that can also be harmful to your health. Berkey water filtration systems provide you with an easy and cost-effective way of purifying tap water or any water from any source. Choose from different models suitable for your home or business, and for traveling and camping purposes. Berkey water from Berkey Water Filters is purified by microfiltration elements, and our large filters systems can produce drinkable water from ponds, rivers, and water supplies in foreign countries by the traveling filter system we have available.

We are pleased to offer you Berkey water filters from 1.5 gallons capacity to the large models with capabilities of 6 gallon holding tanks, all provided with filtration systems that will remove chlorine, pesticides, harmful fluoride, and nitrates from water, making it completely safe to drink or use for cooking. The filters that are provided with your Berkey water purification tank can provide you with up to 3,000 gallons of pure water, which means it will last you for many years. Unlike many water filter systems the Berkey water filters can be assembled in minutes, with no plumbing or electricity required, and cleaning and maintenance is also pretty simple. Read some reviews on our water purification systems and you will see why we are head and shoulders above our competitors.

When there are earthquakes, tornados, and floods, drinking water that is safe can be a problem when municipal supplies become damaged, and Berkey water filtration systems have already saved the day in many cases of this nature. You will find that they are excellent value for money, reliable, and also attractive, so installing them in your kitchen for easy access for drinking and cooking water is no problem. Grab some great value free items with your order, and look forward to free shipping of your Berkey water filters when your order exceeds $50 in value. We have provided some interesting information on water filtration and its benefits, which you can read by browsing the links on our website.

Berkey water filter systems remove many impurities that can be found in water, and when you read about the unbelievable amounts of chemicals found in normal tap water, you will understand why it is not the best option where it concerns your health. Read about the dangers of chlorine and fluoride on your bodies which are rather eye-opening, and just another reason that you should not delay in making an investment in your health by ordering a Berkey water filtration system as soon as possible. What you read about water impurities are facts, and not sales talk, as these are scientific studies that have been done by the world Health Organization.