Big Berkey

Without water, survival would be impossible and thanks to the range of Big Berkey Water Filters that are available in a range of sizes, individuals are able to gain the assurance that the water they drink is clean and free from all harmful contaminants and pollutants. The Big Berkey Water Filters can filter and purify water from both untreated and raw water sources, which include lakes, rivers, stagnant ponds and water supplies within foreign countries and the Big Berkey filter purification elements are so minute that pathogenic bacteria are unable to pass through the Big Berkey. Included in the range of Big Berkey systems are seven different kinds of systems and each system can be used in both outdoor as well as indoor applications. The travel Big Berkey filtration system offers a storage capacity of 1.5 gallons and has been nominated as one of the most convenient filtration water systems, which will offer clean and bacteria-free drinking water in any kind of environment in the most remote of regions. In our line of work, we understand that trying to make a decision on the right kind of water filtration system which is best able to meet all of your filtration requirements is a complicated task and to this end Big Berkey Water Filters provides a wide range of filter solutions and is always happy to assist customers in choosing the best water purification system. More than being able to purchase the Big Berkey Water Filters, our website will allow online buyers the opportunity to purchase Big Berkey replacement parts along with Big Berkey filter accessories and filter replacements.

The Royal Big Berkey can store up to 3.25 gallons of water and this powerful filtration system is more than able to purify water that is both treated and untreated. Many of the times the powerful Royal Big Berkey system is purchased by those that are about to visit or work in foreign countries and where they are often uncertain as to the cleanliness and the safety of the drinking water-or in areas where there is no clean drinking water available. The Big Berkey system is able to remove pathogenic bacteria, cysts, and all parasites from the water and it is able to reduce the amount of mercury and lead from the water. The strength of the Big Berkey systems has proven to be so powerful that the systems are more than able to remove food coloring from the water, and at the same time, ensure that all the nutritional minerals found naturally in the water remain intact.

To learn more about Big Berkey Water Filters and to enjoy the convenience of online shopping for the various types of Big Berkey systems, feel free to view the Big Berkey website at Be sure to go through the reviews which have been posted about the Big Berkey water purifications systems by customers who have been more than satisfied with the purifying power of the Big Berkey filters.