Big Berkley

Water is the necessary for survival and with the Big Berkey water filters, which are offered in various configurations, health-conscious individuals will receive the assurance that the water they drink is clean and free from all contaminants. Within the Big Berkey systems, there are seven different types of water filtration systems and each of the systems can be used in both outdoor and indoor applications. The travel Big Berkey filtration system has a storage capacity of 1.5 gallons and is certainly one of the most convenient systems, which will provide clean and germ-free water in any environment - anywhere. The Royal Big Berkey has a storage capacity of 3.25 gallons and this innovative and powerful system is able to purify water that is treated and untreated, and which is water that is obtained from sources such as rural lakes, streams and even stagnant ponds. The Royal Big Berkey is often purchased by those who are visiting or working in foreign countries and where clean and disease-free water is not always readily available. The Big Berkey system is able to remove pathogenic bacteria, cysts, and all parasites from the drinking water and it can allow reduce the amount of mercy and lead from the water-in fact, this Big Berkey system has proven to be so powerful that can easily remove food coloring from the water while keeping the nutritional minerals intact.

In order to view the reviews about the Big Berkey water purifications systems, feel free to browse our website and read reviews from past buyers who have been more than impressed with the amazing purification and filtration powers of the entire Big Berkey range. Being in our line of work, we understand that trying to find the right type of system that is right for your filtering needs is often a difficult task and this is why Big Berkey offers a full range of filter solutions and is more than happy to assist with selecting the correct water purification system. In addition to the Big Berkey filters, our website will give online buyers the chance to purchase Big Berkey replacement parts as well as Big Berkey filter accessories and filter replacements.

Without water, human survival would be impossible; however, with so many incidents of water pollution, we often wonder how safe our drinking water really is. With Big Berkey water filters, our buyers are guaranteed that their drinking water will be safe and free from contaminants and pollutants, and our filtration systems will not remove any of the vital nutrients which are found in water. In order to learn more about Big Berkey and their wide range of water filters and purification systems, feel free to view the Big Berkey website at and currently we are offering the Big Berkey light water filters for the incredible price of $209 and buyers of any Big Berkey systems will receive two Berkey sports bottles 2 PF-2 filter or a shower filter free of charge.