Black Berkey

Big Berkey Water Filters relies on the strength of the black Berkey purification system to deliver the ultimate in purification and filtration and in fact, the black Berkey has proven to be one of the most sophisticated and effective filter elements than any other gravity filter element on the market. In order to prove the success of the black Berkey filtration system, effluent water was run through the black Berkey system and amazingly, there were no pathogens detected. In fact, the black Berkey has managed to totally remove all contaminants and pathogens-even after the water was tested using an electron microscope the black Berkey system has been able to remove 100 percent of all contaminants, setting a brand new standard in the realm of water purification and filtration. Another purification test conducted using the black Berkey was removing food coloring form water and at the same time, none of the good nutrients and minerals which are found in water are removed by the black Berkey filtration system, and this feat has not been matched by any other type of filtration system on the market.

Other contaminants and elements which proved to be no match for the powerful black Berkey, included cloudiness, silt, detergents, iron, bad tastes and odors, sediments and up to 95 percent of heavy metals. The heavy metals which were reduced by the powerful black Berkey include aluminum, copper, chromium, lead and mercury and when these heavy metals are continuously consumed by the human body, results which may occur due to continuous exposure and consumption include kidney failure as well as damage to the nervous system and a range of repository problems. Due to the successful filtration of the black Berkey system, travelers along with homeowners need not spend hundreds of dollars on costly, disposable filtration systems as the black Berkey purification elements are re-cleanable and reusable and furthermore, all components of the black Berkey systems are self-sterilizing. In order to view the full range of Big Berkey Water Filters, be sure to visit the website at and find out how the black Berkey system has been rated as one of the best and most effective water purifiers.

The cost of two black Berkey filters is $99.00 and these can be ordered directly via the Big Berkey Water Filters website and in addition to the black Berkey filters, buyers will be able to purchase the Berkey filter system, filter replacement parts as well as filter accessories. In order to view the full range of products which will provide safe drinking water that is free from all toxins and contaminants, view the insightful website and select the right filter for your water purification needs. The website lists all the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are removed to below detectable levels by the black Berkey filters, and these compounds include chlorine, benzene, chloroform and endrin, among dozens of others. Online users will also be able to gain further information about the difference between black Berkey filters and ceramic filters.