Water Bottle Filters

Water is key to survival and thanks to the Big Berkey water bottle filters or the Sport Berkey the water bottle filters offers an easy-to-use and convenient portable filtration system which relies on medical grade technology. The advanced technology of the water bottle filters is able to remove all contaminants and pollutants found in water and when the water bottle is pressed the source water is instantly filtered through the filter, which create safe drinking water in any environment. The water bottle filters are able to filter out all pollutants which are derived from agriculture, as well as industrial runoffs or pollutants and the filter found in the water bottle has been saturated with absorbing materials which is able to offer IONIC absorption of all toxins and pollutants, including aluminum, copper, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercy as well as all other dangerous and harmful heavy metals. However, in addition to the advanced technology used in the Big Berkey water bottle filters, Big Berkey has designed and developed a number of filtration systems which are offered in a number of configurations that allow for the filtration of water. At present there are seven types of water filtration systems and all systems are safe for both outdoor and indoor use. The travel Big Berkey filtrations system offers a storage capacity of 1.5 gallons and is one of the most convenient of systems, which will filter water and provide clean and germ-free water in any environment.

All filtration systems, including the water bottle filters, can remove pathogenic bacteria, cysts, and parasites from the drinking water and, in fact, the filtration systems have proven to be so powerful that filters are able to remove food coloring from the water, but at the same time all the nutritional minerals found in the water remain intact. However, when making use of the water bottle filters alone to filter water which may contain high quantities of bacteriological or viral contaminants, a drop of chlorinated bleach will add to the filtering process and all minute pathogens, such as viruses, will be destroyed. To read the reviews regarding the Big Berkey water purifications systems, including the water bottle filters, take a moment to browse the website. Without water, human survival is impossible, but with so many reported incidents of water pollution, many of us wonder how safe drinking water really is. Thanks to the filtration systems of Big Berkey, buyers will receive the guarantee that all drinking water will free from contaminants and pollutants, and the filtration systems will not destroy any of the nutrients and minerals found naturally in water.

To find out about the water bottle filters, and to learn more about Big Berkey and their extensive range of water filters and purification systems, take a moment to go through the Big Berkey website at http://www.bigBerkeywaterfilters.com. Over and above the Big Berkey water bottle filters, the website gives buyers the chance to purchase various Big Berkey replacement parts and Big Berkey filter accessories and filter replacements.