Berkey Water Filter Products Do Not Contain BPA

To help address customer concerns regarding Bisphenol A (BPA), we've created a video that explains what BPA is and the dangers it poses to your health. Customers will be happy to know that none of the Berkey water filter products contain any BPA.

16 thoughts on “Berkey Water Filter Products Do Not Contain BPA”

  • Steve

    Thanks for making these FAQ page and videos available. This may be redundant but can you confirm that the sight glass (water view) spigots are also made from food grade BPA free plastic?

  • Irene

    Do the Berkey filters filter out BPA that exist in tap water and level the water BPA free?

    • Dan DeBaun

      Hi Irene -

      Update: Yes, the black berkeys have been tested for BPA removal and they do over 99.9%.


      • Tara

        Dan, you answered Irene " Yes, the black berkeys have NOT been tested for BPA removal and they do over 99.9%." I am confused by your answer. Have the berkeys been tested in regards to their removal of BPA and BPS from the water that is filtered through them? I ask because water storage containers are all made of plastic of one kind of another. The non-BPA Tritan material is proving to leach even more dangerous chemicals than BPA. One might find oneself in a position where it is desirable to filter storage water to clear it of chemicals leached from that plastic. I hope you can clarify. Thanks!

  • Juleah

    Are the filters themselves (the black berkey filters) BPA-free? Are they made out of copolyester? What about the PF-2 filters?


  • Jackson

    Hi there, looking at getting a Berkey system, but have noticed the tap, filters and other parts are made from plastic.
    Can you please confirm the plastic used is Bisphenol-A (BPA), Bisphenol-S (BPS) and phthalate free?

  • Neil

    Do they remove all plastics or was BPA the only one tested?

  • Annette

    Could u please let me know which of your water filters would be best at removing bpa/s from water that is stored in a plastic storage tank in a rv?

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