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Camping with Berkey Water Filters and Wise Food

Every summer millions of Americans head to one of the nation's more than 400 national parks and countless state and local parks and recreation areas to camp, fish, and reconnect with nature. Berkey water filters and Wise Food Storage can make your summer camping trip easier and more fun.

Simplify Tasty Camping Meals with Wise Food

The scene: You are in one of the most beautiful natural settings you've seen in a long time, a breeze is blowing, and the sun is setting. Perhaps you are enjoying a conversation with your friend or significant other. Perhaps your children are exploring the forest near your camp and you need to keep an eye on them. Perhaps now is not a good time to figure out how to cook a meal over a camp stove or fire without your familiar kitchen tools . . .

Boil water, mix, wait, enjoy. Those are the four steps to dinner while camping with Wise Food Storage entrees.

If you don't have a supply of long-term Wise Food Storage to draw from, the Wise Food Storage 72 Hour Emergency And Camping Kit has got you covered. Each one contains 4 servings for 3 days of pasta alfredo, stroganoff, teriyaki and rice, chili macaroni, and creamy pasta and vegetable rotini.

Thinking you might cook from scratch some nights or not going for a long trip? The 8 Serving Wise Food Storage Sample Pack is a great option for an overnight or for incorporating just a few super-convenient meals into your trip.

Perhaps you would like a hot breakfast when you wake up to brisk mountain air? The 56 Serving Wise Food Storage - Breakfast and Entree Bucket adds more dinner options along with oatmeal, granola, and mult-grain cereal for breakfast. Depending on the length of your trip and size of your family, this purchase may be enough to also stock your emergency preparation kit back at home.

Ensure Safe, Great Tasting Water with Your Travel Berkey or Berkey Light

Did you know that water systems with fewer than 15 connections not serving at least 25 people year-round may legally not meet Safe Drinking Water Act standards? Many campgrounds open for only part of the year fall outside of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency jurisdiction and are subject only to state or local regulations. So just because there is a faucet at your camp site, it doesn't mean the water is perfectly safe.

Rather than hauling gallons of bottled water on your trip, confidently use any camp water source with your Travel Berkey or Berkey Light. Both systems purify treated water or untreated, raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds and water supplies in foreign countries, where regulations may be substandard at best. Berkey systems are perfect for outdoor activities and a must in hostile environments where electricity, water pressure or treated water may not be available.

Wishing you a safe and happy summer camping season from everyone here at Big Berkey Water Filters!

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