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berkey water filter review

  • A Berkey Customer's Commentary On Their City Water Report

    The residents of our city of a little over 60,000 just received their water quality report for last year. If you're on city water, I recommend you check your own city’s water quality report. The report begins, “The report has been prepared to meet the requirements of the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) adopted by Congress and to provide our customers with information about their municipal water system.” The report is fairly complete and easy to read.

    Our city is on a major river but the water is not drawn from the river. Instead it is supplied through fifteen wells. Of course, ground water will eventually end up in the river, along with other pollutants so perhaps it is easier to control the quality of well water than river water.

    The city was required to test seven areas and, and our city water passed all of them without a violation. The areas included disinfection byproducts, inorganic contaminants (including heavy metals), microbiological contaminants (such as E. coli), radioactive contaminants (esp. radium), synthetic organic contaminants (pesticides and herbicides), unregulated contaminants (sulfates, chloroform and the like), and volatile organic contaminants.

    The EPA sets standards for about 90 different contaminants but over 2100 different toxins have been identified in drinking water. So it is refreshing to know that the water we trust has been tested and deemed safe according to acceptable standards. A troubling part of the report is this statement: “The state allows us to monitor for certain contaminants less than once per year because the concentrations are not expected to vary significantly from year to year. Some of our data, though representative, is more than one year old.” I wonder, will they know if a sudden surge in the amount of some contaminant occurs?

    The chart on the next page of the report includes a list of selected pollutants and the level found in the report. The good news is that all were at a safe level. The bad news is that all were present to some level. These included heavy metals such as copper, lead, and nickel, barium, nitrates, coli bacteria, radium, chloroform, sulfates, and others.

    One way to filter my water would be to to distill it, and that would be both expensive and undesirable for it would leave the water tasteless. A certain level of minerals, for example, is needed in our bodies.

    The report also promises that chlorine has been added to disinfect the water, and fluoride has been added for dental purposes. Personally I don’t mind the fluoride, and I understand why chlorine must be added to the water. However, enough has been shown about the ill effects of chlorine on the body to make me shutter.

    For this reason, I am glad I made the choice I did. Some time ago our family purchased a Berkey water filter which relies on a number of different filtration ingredients to remove contaminants. Most all the areas listed as tested, but present in the water report, are covered in the list of substances removed by the water filter. It also removes the chlorine to an undetectable level. Filtering our water is a double assurance that the water we drink and use for cooking is absolutely safe.

  • Berkey Water Filter Reviews

    Below are 2 berkey water filter reviews that customers have recently submitted to  They did not have site accounts and wanted to share their opinion of the berkey system. We thank them for their kind words.

    Berkey Water Filter Review #1

    I just received my first order from Big Berkey and everything was perfect. I really appreciate your time in answering my questions before I ordered, sending me a detailed receipt upon completing my internet order transaction, which was followed by a shipping conformation when package was shipped. The order was filled correctly, packed very well so there was no damage to anything. I was amazed how quickly this order arrived. You folks care and will have my repeat business when I need more supplies and I will certainly recommend your company to others.

    Larry Miller
    Santa Clarita, California

    Berkey Water Filter Review #2

    This whole 'trip' has been amazing to me because I originally bought a Berkey water filter as a survival tool, just to have 'on tap', so to speak. If electricity goes, I thought, (as it often does here in the country) well, you know, then wells stop working. How would I be sure of safe water? One can only 'truck in' and store so much bottled water at home. Suppose the outage was long-lasting? Times are tenuous at best these days so the purchase of the Berkey (after much studying of what was available) was simply preparedness at that point in my mind. Since everything has a learning curve and then a comfort zone you need to achieve after that, I decided that before I really needed the Berkey water filter for survival's sake I would familiarize myself with using it. It said in the directions that you could always dry the filters out if you wanted to put them away so I felt fine about a trial run. The directions are simple, really. The old adage is apt here: "If I can do it anyone can."

    Everyone who spent time with me BEFORE in The Berkshires in MA thought my well water was superb. But NOW with the Berkey water filter I feel as though I've never really tasted wonderful water before and the others agree. It's different now. Delicious. I would almost say a treat! And the highest superlative comes from my many dogs. They are big water drinkers but now they have become HUGE water drinkers! As you know, if a 'taste' passes muster with an animal well, then, it's really good.

    Words fail me in impressing on anyone reading this how important this technologically advanced yet simple filtering system is for your continued good health and peace of mind. Somehow you can always find a way to have clean, sanitary, safe water. That security in itself is more important than food.

    I am so grateful that I literally followed Internet chatter to discover the Berkey filter product line from New Millennium Concepts. Needless to say, it is not being put away as planned. Our house now revolves around the Berkey for any water that is used for drinking or cooking. Buying a Berkey water filter is probably potentially the biggest beneficial change I could have made in my life.

    Let me close by saying I am not wealthy. I bought the Big Berkey but find this product line so important that I sacrificed in other areas of my life to 'get it right'. Well, I didn't exactly.......... get it right, I mean. Not in the beginning. In choosing the size Berkey water filter (The Big Berkey) I needed I forgot to factor in my dogs and their constant need for water. So, yes. I have The Big Berkey now but The Imperial should be here next week sometime. Choose your unit realistically and generously. In this case 'bigger IS better'. As it did for me, I can guarantee it will become a part of your most valued household equipment now and will also be there if a serious need arises. AND it's easily portable if need be.

    I would add here that the customer support (Dan DeBaun) is rather like dealing with a knowledgeable caring friend not a businessman. I single-handedly can attest to the fact that he cheerfully answers multiple upon multiple........ no, MYRIADS....... of questions and never makes you feel stupid (though I know he's heard them many times before).

    So, here's to you, Dan, and you, Berkeys all!

    Mary Jane Goodrich
    South Egremont MA

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