• Big Berkey Water Filters Launches New Website

    We here at are proud to announce the launch of our new website. It has been many months in the making and we are hoping it will provide our customers with a better overall experience.

    Each of the Berkey Water Filter and Wise Food Storage product pages have now been refined with more information that helps the user understand the product in a quicker time frame. We've also added more sociable functions so that you can share products with sites like facebook, twitter, digg, etc. With this new website, we have some increased flexibility and can now make more adjustments as desired by our customers.

    As always, we have customer representatives available to respond to your emails and phone calls at 877-992-3753.  Please feel free to contact us with any constructive feedback or recommendations so that we may continue to try to improve your experience.


    Dan DeBaun - Owner

  • Berkey Sight Glass Spigot Now Available!

    The manufacturer has approved and made available the Berkey sight glass spigot also sometimes referred to as the waterview spigot. These spigots replace the standard plastic spigot included with the stainless steel systems. It is also available as a free item with any stainless steel system purchase. For those customers who had concerns about knowing where the water level is in the stainless Berkey system, this solves that problem.

    Berkey Sight Glass Spigot


    There are 3 sizes of spigots currently available (from left to right):

    • 7.5" - For Travel Berkey and Big Berkey systems
    • 10" - For Royal Berkey and Imperial Berkey system
    • 13" - For Crown Berkey system

    For ordering information please visit the Berkey sight glass spigot product page.

  • Berkey Water Filters Cannot Be Shipped To California

    This past November 2009, California signed into law AB 1953 / SB 1334 & 1395 / HSC Section 116875 and as a result directly affected the sales of all water filter and purification systems to the state. This revised “no lead law” as it’s commonly known, went into effect on January 1, 2010. Currently this law prevents any Berkey water filter from being sold to the state of California, and canvasses all Berkey products that comes in contact with water intended for drinking. This would include upper/lower chambers, all filters, and sport bottles.

    The law stipulates that any “end-use device intended to convey or dispense water for human consumption through drinking or cooking,” as well as each of their individual components, materials and “pipe, pipe or plumbing fittings, or fixtures,” or flux, must be “lead free” as defined by California law. Under SB 1334, certification MUST be performed by an “independent ANSI-approved third party testing organization.” It appears that even if a product and each component of that product has no metal alloys and if a purification system actually reduces lead, under Section 116875, it must be be certified. An example of this would be the Berkey sport water purification bottle.

    The Berkey sport bottle body utilizes LDPE, which must be certified, even though it is common knowledge that LDPE contains no lead, is very commonly used by food and water companies, and is monitored under federal regulations. Further, manufacturers are expected to reveal proprietary information regarding their systems, suppliers and manufacturers, without an absolute guarantee that such proprietary information will be kept confidential. This is of utmost concern due to the fact that if such proprietary information is conveyed to competitors, we would have no recourse. It also worth noting that if Berkey water filters desires to change any of their suppliers after certification, it appears that permission must be obtained by the certifying organization and that re-certification is mandatory, all at the expense of the company. Change of suppliers is a common occurrence as improvement of the Berkey product line is continually occurring.

    Research indicates that there are at least two different certification standards available, but there seems to be disagreement as to which standards are acceptable to the state of California’s review Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), the agency in charge of reviewing products and their certification. There is further confusion regarding testing protocols. While DTSC has issued an outline, it appears that the final protocols have yet to be settled upon. Throughout Berkey water filters ongoing research on this issue, they were unable to get clarification on the above requirements, instead it was suggested that “lawyers review the wording of the law to determine” how “they interpret the scope of the mandatory certification...”. Unfortunately, many questions were not answered by the January 1st deadline and as such, “strict compliance with the law” was recommended and is now being adhered to.

    Here's an example of one of the requirements:

    …Listee shall promptly furnish to CC, in writing, the street address, hours of operation, anticipated dates when plants will be temporarily closed or shut down, anticipated dates when plants will temporarily cease production and all local or state holidays of each plant where the listed product is being manufactured or to be manufactured by or on behalf of Listee, and each location where the listed product is warehoused or stored by or on behalf of Listee. Listee shall also provide the name and telephone number of a contact person for each such plant or storage location, both at the time of application for evaluation and in the event of any changes in this information. Listee shall provide such information for all plants and storage locations, whether foreign or domestic. If the product is imported or to be imported, Listee shall also provide the name, street address, telephone number and contact person of the importer and the consignee…

    Note:  Berkey Water Filters does not have manufacturing plants or warehouses in the state of CA

    This revised law has put the burden of proof on the manufacturer and is understandable, however the great additional expense will be difficult for Berkey water filters to absorb into the cost structure. To be clear, Berkey products do not contain lead and testing results from NSF/ANSI certified labs show that these systems reduce lead in water. If every state were to establish their own specific overarching certification criteria such as CA, small companies like Berkey would not be able to meet these requirements and would be put out of business.

    Big Berkey Water Filters will continue to monitor the situation and hopefully gain clarification on the issues for which there are currently no definite answers. While many water purification and water filter companies are ignoring the law due to it's vagueness, there is no interest on Berkey's behalf to go this route. Berkey water filters considers it a high priority to support the tens of thousands of current CA customers in addition to potential future customer who have interest in the product and hope to come to a resolution soon.

  • What Berkey Water Can Do For You

    If you’re like most people, you’re concerned about the quality of your drinking water, but you aren’t sure what to do about it. Berkey water offers a solution that works without costing a small fortune in the process.

    The Berkey water filtration system is different from other options on the market. This system is made in the United States and uses gravity to remove unwanted chemicals and contaminants from drinking water. Berkey water systems are suitable for at-home use, but are portable enough to take on the road. They are even effective at purifying untreated water, which makes them great in emergency situations or when owners are away from home.

    Berkey water systems are used in homes throughout America and Canada and in some 140 different countries all over the world. Their effectiveness and unique design has also made them a favorite for relief organizations like the Red Cross.  The British Royal household even uses Berkey water systems.

    There are many reasons why Berkey is a great investment in personal health and safety. The top reasons why Berkey water is a solid choice are:

    The Health Benefits – Berkey water systems remove the bad things in water without impacting the good. These systems are superior to other filtration devices because they get rid of pathogenic bacteria, cysts, unhealthy chemical contaminants and even parasites. They are effective to levels higher than 99.99 percent on many chemicals. Berkey systems are even effective at reducing fluoride and arsenic found in water. When Berkey water filters are used, they will not remove the vital minerals found in water that bodies need to maintain healthy and thrive.

    The Affordability Factor – Some filtration systems can cost a small fortune to purchase and operate. While Berkey water does require an upfront investment, it’s one that can pay off quickly. Berkey water offers a fantastic return on investment. Each Black Berkey Water Filter, for example, will last up to 3,000 gallons or 6,000 gallons for a set of two. This lifespan is a great deal longer than most other water filtering systems available today. At an estimated 10 gallons of water a week, the Berkey water system will provide more than 11.5 years of use. This equates to about 1.7 cents for each gallon of clean drinking water.

    The Functionality – Berkey water systems do not require electricity to function and they are completely portable. Berkey systems can purify both standard city tap water and also untreated, raw water from sources like streams, stagnant ponds and lakes. The micro-pores found within the self-sterilizing and re-cleanable Black Berkey water purification elements are so tiny that bacteria and other contaminants simply cannot pass through them. Because Berkey water filtration systems don’t need electricity, they are ideal for use in emergency situations. They are also great to take along on camping trips and treks outside of the country.

    Choosing a water purification system can be a confusing task. When functionality, return on investment and reliability are desired, Berkey water is the clear choice.

  • Introducing the New Go Berkey Kit

    It's been a few years since a new Berkey Filter System had been launched, but this week we have the release of the New Go Berkey Kit. This kit includes a  new small and compact stainless steel housing that comes with 1 Black Berkey Element, 1 Sport Berkey Bottle, and a Vinyl carrying case. This water filter system becomes the smallest of the line-up with a volume of 1 Quart.  It's perfect for our customers who are looking for the highest quality in filtration in a small compact form that can be carried in a backpack, suitcase, or even a laptop bag.

    The New Go Berkey Kit


    Go Berkey Kit Specifications

    • Kit Includes = Compact Berkey System w/ 1 Black Berkey (details below), 1 Sport Berkey Bottle, and Vinyl Carrying Case(w/ pockets)
    • System Storage Capacity = 1 Quart (.95 Liters / .25 Gallons)
    • System Height = 14"
    • System Diameter = 4"
    • System Weight = 2.4 lbs
    • Life of Black Berky Filter = 3000 Gallons
    • Portability = The upper chamber nests within the lower chamber for transport and stands only 10" in height
    • Flow Rate = Configured with 1 Black Berkey Element, the system can purify one gallon per hour with the upper chamber full the entire time

    Review of The Go Berkey Kit

    The Go Berkey Kit provides a long-awaited solution for many of our "on the go" customers.  The sport berkey bottle is great for hiking or backpacking, and the new Berkey system allows for a personal continuous passive filtration setup at base camp.  For those who travel often, this lightweight and portable system can be used in the car, hotel room, or remote office.  The Go Berkey Kit is also valuable for vacation destinations where the bacteria in the water is known to be disruptive to non-natives.  No matter how it's used, it's apparent that this new Go Berkey will be welcomed in many environments.

    Customers must keep in mind that this is only a 1 Qt (,95 Liters/ .25 Gallons) system and would support only one person on a daily basis.  However, keeping that upper chamber full the entire time will result in 1 gallon/hour.  In the event of an emergency or disaster, this would be sufficient to support a 2-3 individuals over an extended period of time.

  • Help Me Choose a Berkey Water Filter System

    Intimidated by the Berkey decision? Don't be! It's actually pretty straight forward once you understand the basics. We'll bring you up to speed fast with these 3 easy steps (approx read time = 10 minutes), and you'll magically become a junior expert! :) For you anti-readers out there, this video version is great too.

    Step 1: Understanding the Berkey Gravity Filtration System

    Berkey water filter systems have an upper and a lower chamber and work via gravity similar to a Brita, Pur, or Zerowater. Your source water (tap, well, pond, river, etc) is poured into the upper chamber where it gets forced through the filters via gravity, making its way into the lower, "purified water" chamber.

    The Berkey difference is a result of it's superior filter ingredients and the extended time each water droplet is in contact with the filters. This allows for high performance filtration results that other filter systems simply cannot match.

    These are counter top systems only, starting from the smallest Travel Berkey at 1.5 gallons (17" height) to the largest Crown Berkey at 6 gallons (30" height). The internal filtration elements, the Black Berkeys and the PF-2 fluoride filters (links list the contaminants removed), work in any of the system housing models we sell. This allows you to achieve the same high quality filtration results for any size you choose.

    There are 6 system sizes in total (below), and all systems come standard with 2 of our  black berkey filters in the upper chamber. Larger systems have the capacity to accommodate more upper and lower chamber filters thus increasing the speed of filtration. (See Flow Rate @ Full  Expansion)

    SystemHolding CapacityFully ExpandedFlow Rate @ Full Expansion
    Travel Berkey~ 1.5 Gallons2 Elements(Filters)~ 2.75 Gallons / Hr
    Berkey Light~ 2.75 Gallons4 Elements(Filters)~ 7.5 Gallons / Hr
    Big Berkey~ 2.25 Gallons4 Elements(Filters)~ 7.0 Gallons / Hr
    Royal Berkey ~ 3.25 Gallons4 Elements(Filters)~ 8.0 Gallons / Hr
    Imperial Berkey~ 4.5 Gallons6 Elements(Filters)~ 16.5 Gallons / Hr
    Crown Berkey~ 6.0 Gallons8 Elements(Filters)~ 26.0 Gallons / Hr
    The lineup gives an example of how the filters stack up against each other in terms of height. The 1 quart stainless Go Berkey system and the Sport Berkey portable filter are shown on the right.
    help me choose berkey filter system All systems come standard with 2 filters (go berkey excluded), represented by the shaded blue circle. White holes are stopped using blocking plugs (these come standard with your system), and additional filters can be inserted into these.

    Step 2:  Choosing a Berkey Water Filter Size

    The golden rule for choosing a size is that bigger is usually better if you have the room in your home (kitchen counter, table, plant stand) or storage space. Put simply, the larger the system, the less often you need to refill it, which ultimately translates into convenience.

    In addition, the higher water volume in the upper chamber increases the pressure that is placed on the filters helping to push water through the filters faster while still maintaining the same high quality filtration results.

    The differences in cost between the various housing sizes is small when you consider that you will be using the same housing for 10-20+ years. Assuming a person drinks 8 eight ounce glasses of water/day, they will consume approximately 64 ounces/day (1/2 gallon). If you plan to use the system for cooking, you would also want to take this into account when sizing.

    Here are some sizing guidelines:

    Travel Berkey (1.5g) ~ 1-3 ppl

    Big Berkey (2.25g) ~ 1-4 ppl

    Berkey Light (2.75g) ~ 2-5 ppl

    Royal Berkey (3.25g) ~ 2-6 ppl

    Imperial Berkey (4.5g) ~ 4-8+ ppl

    Crown Berkey (6g) ~ 6-12+ ppl

    Big Berkey outside next to the sport Berkey portable water filter. Big Berkey outside next to the sport Berkey portable water filter.

    Step 3:  Choosing Your Berkey Filters

    Upper Chamber Filters

    As mentioned above, all Berkey Water Filter systems require 2 upper chamber filters to operate and these come standard with each system purchase (2 Black Berkey filters). Increasing the amount of filters utilized in the upper chamber will not improve filtration quality, but will increase filtration speed and the volume of water that can be filtered.

    For example, increasing from 2 Black Berkey elements to 4 Black Berkey elements will approximately double your filtration speed and double the amount of total life volume that can be filtered; 6000 total gallons up to 12000 total gallons.

    The Black Berkey filters are our flagship filters, removing contaminants to the highest of degrees, and are available with all of our systems. The Black Berkey's also meet high ANSI/NSF log 7 standards as water purifiers and show off their prowess by being able to remove red food coloring from water.

    We also now carry the brand new Berkey Earth ceramic filters. (Released Dec. 2015) These are designed to be the best ceramic filters on the market, providing Berkey quality at a lower price point. They are only available with the Berkey Light BPA-free plastic system.

    The 3 primary advantages of the Black Berkeys over the Berkey Earths is the Black Berkey's ability to remove viruses, a faster filtration rate, and a lower long-term cost for removing fluoride as they utilize the more cost-efficient PF-2 filter in the lower chamber.  For a more detailed comparison of the Black Berkeys and the Berkey Earth Filters, please see the Berkey Earth page, or watch this video below.

    * Black Berkey last approx 6000 gallons for a set of 2

    * Berkey Earth Ceramic Filters last approx 6000 gallons per set of 2

    * Older Super Sterasyl Ceramics last approx 1200 gallons per set of 2, or 6 months, whichever comes first. (We no longer sell these filters and they've been replaced by the Berkey Earth Filters)

    Lower Chamber Filters (Fluoride and Arsenic Removal)

    The lower chamber filters are referred to as PF filters. PF = Post Filtration. There are 2 types of PF filters. The PF-2's are specifically designed to work with the Black Berkeys, and the PF-4's are designed specifically to work with the Ceramic Filters. The PF filters are easily installed by screwing them onto the stem of the upper chamber elements so that they hang down into the lower chamber of any multi-filter Berkey Water Filter system.

    PF filters are optional. If your municipality adds fluoride to your water, then adding the PF-2 Filters onto your Black Berkeys or PF-4's to your Berkey Earths would be the choice to make.

    * PF-2 Filters (Black Berkeys) last 1000 Gallons per set of 2

    * PF-4 Filters (Berkey Earth or white Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filters) last 6 months


    So, that's it!  You're officially a junior Berkey expert!! Be sure to brag to all your friends at the next dinner party. :)  Here's a couple other videos you may like:


     Begin Choosing Your Berkey Filter System HERE


    Try Our Berkey System Calculator


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  • The Difference Between Black Berkeys and Ceramic Filters - A Quick History and Comparison

    (New Berkey Earth Filters are covered at the end of this article)

    First, The History

    To understand the differences between the old-style Super Sterasyl Ceramic filter and the Black Berkey purification element, it helps to have a brief history on the evolution of the business. Essentially, the Super Sterasyl filters are an evolution of ceramic filter technology originally discovered in 1827 by Henry Doulton in Britain. Over the years, the Doulton company made noteworthy improvements upon the ceramic filters by introducing methods for bacteria removal and self sterilization. Once these improvements were incorporated, gravity filters became heavily used by military forces, relief organizations, and missionaries who lacked access to clean water.

    The general public also took note and the Doulton company built it's core business around this Super Sterysyl Ceramic filter technology. Eventually In 1985, British Berkefeld was acquired by Doulton and continues to sell these ceramic filters across the world to this day.

    Super Sterasyl 7" and 9" Filter side by side. Super Sterasyl 7" and 9" Filter side by side.

    Through a distribution partnership with Berkefeld, North American residents were given the opportunity to purchase the Super Sterysyl Ceramic filter product locally. This partnership built upon this filtration franchise by designing and creating the Black Berkey Element and expanding the lineup of Berkey housing systems and accessories.

    Designed in the late 90's, the Black Berkey filter element is a self-sterilizing proprietary combination of approximately 6 different types of media designed to take filtration to the next level. They exceed EPA log 7 ANSI / NSF protocols for filtration and thus are rated as water purifiers (as opposed to a rating of 'water filter', which is a lower filtration quality rating).

    Black Berkey vs Old-style Super Sterasyl Filter Comparison in Depth

    From a filtration perspective, the Black Berkey's filter out the same chemicals and contaminants that the Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filters do, but go above and beyond by removing Lead, MTBE's, and other heavy metals. In addition, since the Black Berkey's are water purifiers, they filter out bacteria to a 99.99999% level and viruses to a 99.9999% level.  The black berkeys also filter out Chlorine to undetectable levels, while the ceramics will only remove > 90%.

    The flagship Black Berkey Filter Elements The flagship Black Berkey Filter Elements

    The Black Berkeys and Ceramics are basically the same in terms of cleaning, price, and overall day to day use. However, the black berkeys have a much longer lifespan as shown below.

    • Black Berkeys last approx 6000 gallons (per set of 2)
    • 7" Ceramic Filters last approx 800 gallons or 6 months, whichever comes first (per set of 2)
    • 9" Ceramic Filters last approx 1200 gallons or 6 months, whichever comes first (per set of 2)

    This longer black berkey lifespan would equate to lower filter replacement costs. While both filters are very durable, the ceramics have a slight edge and may benefit missionaries or those who expect to place daily physical wear and tear on the filter when breaking down the system for transport.

    In conclusion, both filters are outstanding performers with a long proven track record and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, however the Black Berkeys last much longer, are more comprehensive in the array of contaminants they filter out, and have an advantage in their ability to remove many of these contaminants to a higher percentage.  This is why they are our Flagship filter.

    If you own or are considering purchasing the Black Berkeys and would like to remove Fluoride and Arsenic, choosing the PF-2's as an add-on will accomplish this goal. To learn more about other choosing a Berkey water filter, please read our article, Help me Choose a Berkey Water Filter.

    So, What About the New Berkey Earth Filters Then?

    The new Berkey Earth ceramic filters were released Dec. 2015. These are designed to be the best ceramic filters on the market, providing Berkey quality at a lower price point while also being an upgrade over the older Super Sterasyl ceramic filters. They are only available with the Berkey Light BPA-free plastic system.

    Cutting to the chase, the 3 primary advantages of the Black Berkeys over the Berkey Earths is the Black Berkey's ability to remove viruses, a faster filtration rate, and a lower long-term cost for removing fluoride as they utilize the more cost-efficient PF-2 filter in the lower chamber.  For a more detailed comparison of the Black Berkeys and the Berkey Earth Filters, please see the Berkey Earth page, or watch this video below.

  • Intro to Berkey Water Filters - 101

    Sometimes you just need a 5 minute overview to quickly get you up to speed on a particular subject. Below, please find what I consider to be the top 10 basics of berkey water filter systems.

    1. There are 7 berkey water filter housing models all using the same internal water filters. Starting from lowest in price and working our way up; Berkey Light, Travel Berkey, Big Berkey, Berkey Light w/ LED, Royal Berkey, Imperial Berkey, Crown Berkey. The Berkey Light and Travel Berkey are classified as outdoor filter systems, while the remaining are classified as indoor systems.

    2. There are 2 types of upper chamber filters; Black Berkey's and Super Sterasyl Ceramics (7" and 9"). More filters in the upper chamber results in faster filtration.

    3. Ceramics are a tried and true filter with over 100 years of history behind them. The Black Berkey's are a newer composite of over 6 types of media meant to take filtration to the next level and are rated as a water purifier. Black Berkey's remove everything Ceramic Filters do, yet go one step further by filtering out MTBE's, Lead and other heavy metals.

    4. There are 2 types of lower chamber filters (PF=Post Filtration); PF-2 and PF-4. Fluoride is a primary target for these filters. PF-2's function with Black Berkey's, and PF-4's function with Ceramics.
    5. Total system weight ranges between 6 and 13 pounds. Total system volume ranges between 1.5 and 6 gallons.

    6. Black Berkeys last 6000 gallons and the 9" Ceramic Filters last 1200 gallons for a set of 2. PF-2's last 1000 gallons for a set of 2. PF-4's are to be replaced every 6 months.

    7. The average cost per gallon of Berkey Water is 1.7 cents.

    8. Systems assemble in approximately 5-10 minutes. Housing cleaning is easy with regular soap and water. Scotchbrite pads clean both the Black Berkeys and the Ceramics.

    9. Berkey Customer service is supported by both and the manufacturer, New Millenium Concepts LTD.

    10. Berkey Systems are covered by a 6 months manufacturers warranty and Black Berkey's are covered by a 2 year prorated manufacturers warranty.

  • Go Outdoors With Your Portable Berkey Water Filter!

    It's no secret that a major selling point of Berkey water purifiers is it's portable design.  A high quality water filter that you can pick up and carry is a benefit other filtration systems on the market are simply not able to duplicate.   And let's not forget the sidekick of these systems, the Berkey sport bottle, which customers enjoy as a free item with any system purchase.  Today, I'd like to illustrate the ways many customers are taking advantage of these Berkey products outside of their home and how you can do the same!

    The Portable Berkey Filter System

    While Berkey filter systems are officially labeled as either an indoor or outdoor system, all of these systems possess the ability to be used in both environments.  The "official" outdoor systems; the Travel Berkey and the Berkey light, are the smallest and lightest of the lineup, however the other four systems; the Big Berkey, Royal Berkey, Imperial Berkey, and the Crown Berkey, work just as well outdoors.   In fact, where bigger groups of people are involved, a larger system is many times the better choice.

    What's missing in this picture?


    Outdoor Uses for the Berkey Filter System

    • Base Camps / Camping: Camping for more than one day?  Having a large system can fulfill needs such as cooking, drinking, brushing your teeth, cleaning/washing your body, and flushing/cleaning wounds.
    • Freshwater Boating: Don't want to install an expensive boat filtration system or tired of dragging bottles of water around?  Simply take an empty system with you.  When drinking water is needed, scoop water off the side of your boat and pour into the upper chamber.  Within 15-30 minutes drinking water is available to all those on board.   (Please, no salt water.)
    • RV's: Don't trust the potable water source at the RV site, or there's none available?   Berkey filters work great as a primary or backup system for your travels.   In addition, similar to boats, these filters provide a much lower cost alternative to the full filtration systems.
    • Back Country Cabins: Having running water in a back country cabin is many times a luxury.  With a Berkey, find a source of water nearby and fill 'er up.  Also, try using rain water.
    • Hunting Trips: Similar to camping, many hunters go on trips for days at a time and require a base camp filtration system.  Having a light and portable system is a nice feature when setting up and breaking down in quick turnaround is a high priority.
    • Recreation Fields: Want to cut down on your carbon footprint?  Berkey systems come in handy at children or adult sporting events like the soccer, softball, football and baseball fields as long as a hose or another practical water source is available.

    In all the situations listed above, the Berkey water filter systems were easily broken down and transported.  They weigh between 8 and 13 pounds and the upper-chamber of the stainless steel system is designed to fit into the lower chamber for transport.   Not to mention,  they are easy to clean and durable.

    The Portable Sport Berkey Filter

    The sport bottle is also another great example of the portable berkey water filter in action.  Why pay $50 to $100 dollars for a portable hiking filter when you can get one that performs just as well for $28.  At 22 ounces and weighing less than 1 pound, the sport Berkey bottle is lightweight and easy to use.   No pumps, or breakdowns to worry about either.   When encountering a lake, pond, or stream, just fill up and start drinking.

    Great for long biking trips!


    Outdoor Uses for the Sport Berkey

    • Hiking: Going for a day-hike but don't want to lug bottles of water with you, or the camelbak is simply not going to be enough?  As long as you know you'll be encountering a water source at some point, you're all set!
    • Mountain Biking: Mountain bikers are all too familiar with the high demand for water that this activity requires.  Attach it to your camelbak as a backup!
    • Horseback Riding:  Similar to mountain biking and allows for some flexibility for the rider to carry other items.
    • The Gym: Don't trust the gym water or simply don't like the taste?  Fill that sport bottle up at the water fountain and squeeze filtered water into your mouth between exercises.   It's as simple as that.
  • The Dangers of Fluoride - The Great Debate

    I sometimes wonder what percentage of the population is aware of the ongoing fluoride debate. There’s absolutely a growing voice of dissent over municipal water fluoridation, but how familiar is the everyday citizen?  I know that a good majority of my friends and family are not aware of it. I’ve never heard it brought up on any major news television programs like 20/20 or Dateline.  It seems the majority of discussion is coming from radio programming, local news stations, activist groups, and some select scientific community organizations.

    Just last month, I had the privilege to catch an in depth conversation on the subject.  It occurred on one of my favorites programs; Coast to Coast AM w/ George Noory, where Director of the Fluoride Action Network, Paul Connett and leading dentist in the fight against fluoride, Dr. Bill Osmunson dug into the issue for 3 hours.  Here are some clips from the show.

    If you're interested in the full show, e-mail me at In the meantime, below are some high level basic facts and information on the subject of fluoridation.

    What's the Debate?

    Adding fluoride to the public water systems, otherwise known as fluoridation, has occurred  for more than 60 years in the United States.  Given this basic historical fact, the immediate question that comes to many peoples mind when they are confronted with the debate is;

    “If fluoridation is so bad for us, wouldn’t we already have figured it out? Wouldn’t there be mountains of evidence to illustrate the toxic effects?”

    Opponents claim that this evidence does exist, and that much of the scientific and government community simply fail to acknowledge it. It's curiously regarded as a combination of sticking one's head in the sand along with a fear of taking a stand against conventional baked-in thinking. Among other statistics, defenders retort that the evidence for fluoride benefits is proven by US general population tooth decay reductions in the order of 50-60% since WWII. This statistic is one of the most controversial as these same reductions, over the same time periods, are shown in countries that have never engaged in water fluoridation.

    Where Does Fluoride Come From?

    Sodium fluoride, used in fluoridation, is a hazardous-waste by-product from the manufacture of aluminum.  It is a common ingredient in rat and cockroach poisons, anesthetics, hypnotics, psychiatric drugs, and military nerve gas.  Fluoride is more toxic than aluminum and studies have shown that fluoride consumption increases the body absorption rate of aluminum by 600%.  There are, however, controls set in place to manage this risk.  The EPA has maximum water fluoridation levels set at 1 ppm (part per million) and every day many of us are given the opportunity to read a warning on the back of our fluoride toothpaste:

    “Keep toothpaste out of the reach of children under 6. If swallowed get medical help or contact poison control center right away.”

    But, are these controls enough to protect the general population to the serious downside risks?

    Harmful Effects of Fluoride

    What is not up for debate is that fluoride harms bones, causes stiff joints, encourages skeletal abnormalities, raises the risk of cancer, results in genetic damage, can damage the thyroid, and hampers nervous system function in humans.   Opponents of fluoridation have a real cause for concern given that fluoride acts as a cumulative poison gradually and increasingly affecting the body over long periods of exposure. As a result, potential toxicity becomes a function on how much water is consumed on a daily basis, the individual’s body weight, and the body’s ability to filter and eliminate the chemical.  These are wide margin variables that may allow a relatively large percentage of the population to fall into a toxic range over time.

    Recently, there has been government studies that attest to fluoridation dangers.   In 2005, a CDC study showed irreversible enamel fluorosis in 1 out of 3 children.  Then in 2007, the ADA warned parents not to mix baby formula with tap water in the first 12 months of development so as to avoid fluoride intake.  Just recently in June of 2008, the National Kidney Foundation stated the kidney disease patients should be notified of the potential risks of exposure to fluoride.  Unfortunately, many individuals with thyroid disease and other ailments have been complaining about fluoridation without an official government response.

    Inherent Problems with Fluoridation

    Each year our scientists are getting better at understanding the toxic implications of fluoride, and one point is glaringly obvious.  With water fluoridation, you cannot control the dose ingested, both children and adults are treated with similar doses, and unless the public filters their water, they cannot opt out of this mass medication.  Regardless of where one stands, it's apparent that legitimate scientific data is challenging the entrenched "all benefits and no-risk" philosophy of water fluoridation, and all parties must openly and fairly revisit this practice.

    To see if you may be drinking fluoridated water, you can start here:  CDC Fluoridation Status.  In the meantime, for those who are concerned, Berkey makes a highly regarded and very popular fluoride filter that works in any berkey filter system. The PF-2 Fluoride/Arsenic Filters are to be used in conjunction with the Black Berkeys. The PF-4 Fluoride Filters are to be used with the ceramic filters.  More information on various system setups can be found here.

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