Walk on Water Video Goes Viral

More than 12 million people have been introduced to the new a extreme sport via this video: liquid mountaineering . . .

or not. It turns out to be a fabulously creative ad for water repellant shoes but it made us wonder how many other water related viral videos are out there.

Water is an amazing substance and the physics of water, it turns out, makes good internet video material.

Cool Water!

For sheer simplicity, a little girl's reaction to how water behaves when running off a spoon is great.

Giant Water Balloon Holds Two Grown Men

The Slo Mo Guys are a bit more involved with their video popping a 6-foot water balloon. The fun really starts around a minute and a half and they don't succeed in popping the balloon until after the four minute mark.

Don't Sit on the Water Bed

For more laughs, in this German video, customers in a furniture store failed to heed the instructions in the warning sign, though one couple did remove their phone and keys from their pockets before sitting on the forbidden water bed.

Elephants Need Clean Water Too

And for the "awww" factor, this video of baby Navene's first bath is a definite winner.

Hope you had as much fun with these as we did. Now back to work.

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