720 Serving - Freeze Dried Vegetables and Sauce Bucket

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6 Lightweight Buckets for Easy Storage and Transport
Contains 720 Vegetable and Sauce Servings
Designed to be paired with Meat Kits or Long Term Storage Buckets
48 lbs


720 Serving - Freeze Dried Vegetables and Sauce Bucket

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Freeze Dried Vegetables and Sauce Bucket (720 Servings)

These 4 lightweight food storage buckets are easily transportable and contains a total of 720 vegetable and sauce servings. These servings are smaller ranging from 15 to 190 calories per serving.  While they can be eaten on their own, they are intended to be paired with the freeze dried meat kit, rice or the long term food storage buckets which contain meals like southwest beans/rice and chicken ala king.  These emergency food meals are great tasting, in individual packets, and each packet contains multiple servings. Just add water to rehydrate the freeze dried vegetables, then add the sauce if desired, stir, and serve.

Wise Food Servings Inside This Bucket:

  • Corn (144)
  • Peas (96)
  • Broccoli (144)
  • Green Beans (144)
  • Mushroom Sauce (48)
  • Cheese Sauce (48)
  • Cream Sauce (48)
  • Butter Sauce (48)

- Bucket Dimensions: 12"x12"x10"
- Bucket Weight: 48 lbs

These Food Servings Have A 25 Year Storage Life!

NOTE: Wise Food Storage and Berkey Products ship from 2 warehouses and will arrive in 2 separate shipments if ordered together.

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