360 Serving Freeze Dry Grab and Go Meat Kit

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6 Lightweight Buckets for Easy Storage and Transport
360 Meat Servings
Bonus: 120 Rice Servings now included
Designed to be added to other Wise Food Storage Products or used with rice
Can also be eaten as a snack for hiking, camping, etc
13"X9"X10" (each)
48 lbs


360 Serving Freeze Dry Grab and Go Meat Kit

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Wise Food Freeze Dry Grab and Go Meat Kit (360 Servings)


The Freeze Dry Meat Kit allows customers to enjoy their wise food storage with seasoned real meat. Add this meat to your emergency long term food storage bucket that contains rice, wheat, and or beans. Or, eat this as a high protein snack while camping, hiking, or on the go. UPDATE: This kit now comes with a bonus of 120 servings of rice!

This Wise Food Storage Meat Kit will provide 360 meat servings + 120 Servings of rice, lasts for 15 years, and does not require rotation. There are 15 packets of meat, and each packet contains 4 servings. The meat will rehydrate in as little as 12 minutes in boiling water.

Wise Food Servings Inside This Bucket:

  • Roasted Chicken (72)
  • Southwest Style Chicken (72)
  • Teriyaki Style Chicken (48)
  • Stroganoff Style Beef (48)
  • Cheesy Ground Beef (48)
  • Savory Roasted ground Beef (72)
  • Long Term Emergency Rice (120)

- Cost is Approx $2 per serving. All meats manufactured in the US.
- Bucket Dimensions: 13"x9"x10"
- Bucket Weight: 48 lbs

NOTE: Wise Food Storage and Berkey Products ship from 2 warehouses and will arrive in 2 separate shipments if ordered together.

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