Sheltering in Place

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Sheltering in Place


With the ongoing war on terrorism, many Americans are concerned about the possibility of a terrorist attack from a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Terrorism, the war on terrorists, chemical attacks, dirty bombs, fallout, biological attacks, anthrax; what if such an event were to occur, how would you protect you and your family? Most folks can't afford to build an underground shelter but, with a little know-how, you can use and prepare your home to be a shelter against fallout or a biological or chemical attack. It's much simpler than you might have imagined.

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Sheltering in Place Features

Sheltering In Place - Surviving Acts of Terrorism from Biological, Chemical and Radioactive Fallout" was developed and directed by Wayne Labarron.

Wayne has served as a health physicist, Director of Environmental Health, a communicable Disease Specialist (Central Utah Dist., Ret); he has worked as a specialist for the US Government and has authored The Reluctant Survivors and Preparation for Nuclear Disaster.

The video is presented by a housewife so, the instructions along with the visuals make the video so simple that anyone can follow the procedures to turn their home into a bona fide shelter during a crisis with the help of "Sheltering in Place."

This video will walk you through the process, step by step, of preparing and setting up your home as a shelter against a potential terrorist attack. If you are pro-active and it's not your intention to depend on others to take care of you and your family during such an attack, then you need Order now to learn the secrets of preparing and setting up your home as a shelter against a potential terrorist attack.

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